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Llandudno Property Report - With so many unexpected twists and turns in this turbulent year of a global Covid 19 pandemic, we would have possibly predicted the worst for our local property markets but the contrary is true.


We are so happy to be looking back at every single proudly South African accomplishment earned in 2020 in our beautiful country!


South African borders are open to all travellers and we will be welcoming so many clients from overseas who are interested in buying a home.


The pandemic has not had as chilling an effect as initially expected: Prices growth has held up and volumes reached multi-year highs, particularly in middle-priced segments, in contrast to initial expectations.

The Average House Price in South Africa

Pent up demand for properties in South Africa has seen residential property sales skyrocket since the reopening of the property market at the start of June.

Cape waterfront Estates Welcomes a New Team Member

A warm welcome to Brigitta Woudberg who has joined us to represent Cape Waterfront Estates in Melkbos.

Buying Property That Fits Your Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, while price is a strong determining factor in whether you are able to afford a home, the property value has little impact on whether you’d be satisfied with your new home.

Surprise resilience in the housing market

As the fallout from the pandemic and lockdown continues to hurt the local economy, a similar impact was expected on the residential property market, with experts predicting that house prices could fall by between 5% and almost 15% this year

Property pricing

When it comes to putting a property on the market pricing a property for sale needs to be done thoughtfully, with a number of factors to take into consideration, starting with clarity on the difference between price and value.

How to decide between a freehold or sectional title

For many buyers, sectional title living offers heightened security, affordability and a more communal way of life. However, sectional title ownership comes with a variety of ownership responsibilities and legalities of which buyers are not always aware.

How to buy a house if you’re a freelancer

Even without a single source of guaranteed income, home ownership remains an option for the self-employed. Here are a few tips on how to buy a house as a freelancer.

Brexit meets Buy-to-let in Cape Town

The United Kingdom continues to draw property eyes its way.

Hout Bay

Cape Waterfront Estates is a premier owner-run real estate agency specializing in high-end coastal properties along the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town’s very own ‘Riveria’.


At Cape Waterfront Estates we specialize in the sale of premier coastal properties along Cape Town’s breathtakingly beautiful Atlantic Seaboard.

The month of love

I love doing a economic and political analysis in February as we have all the indicators given to us on a platter.

Property investor confidence in Cape Town high

New developments totalling almost R3 billion planned for the inner-city of Cape Town will undoubtedly boost the city's economic growth.

Report: Cape Town one of the world's best cities to invest in property

New research by a property investment company in the UK has named Cape Town one of the best cities for growth in property over the next few years. The research is titled: "The 12 rising cities", and has identified the twelve future cities across the globe for real estate.

SA property: Inflation and house price growth

Absa bank released a report earlier this month that shows May saw minimal year-on-year growth in the average value of homes in the middle segment of the South African housing market, remaining relatively stable and in line with average price growth of between 8% and 9% during the past nine months.

Property Investment: South Africa presents prime property investment opportunities

Property investment specialists, real estate agency owners and the power duo from Cape Waterfront Estates, Margie MacKenzie and Clare Putsman, discuss why South Africa has never been better for investing in property.

Cape Waterfront Estates turns 20

From humble beginnings, starting out at a home based in Hout Bay, to becoming the leading agency in Llandudno and surrounding areas, is no easy feat.

Clare Putsman and Margie MacKenzie started Cape Waterfront Estates in 1994 and twenty years later, with more than a billion rand in sales, they are the Llandudno, Hout Bay stronghold agency.

Llandudno: Cape Town's best kept property secret

Cape Town is the World Design Capital of 2014, this gives the city a chance to use design for social, cultural and economic development to position itself as a spring of opportunity on the global stage.