Absa’s Homeowner Sentiment Index ends 2020 on a high The Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index (HSI) indicates that confidence in the South African property market improved by 4%, to end Q4 2020 at 80%.

The low interest rate cycle has continued to play a key role in improving sentiment towards buying property, while property’s ability to protect wealth in an uncertain environment and increase in value in the long term have played an important role in improving sentiment. We still expect interest rates to remain at current levels, to begin a slow incline early in 2022.

About the Absa HSI The Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index (HSI) indicates the consumer confidence level regarding the property market in South Africa.

While understanding the overall confidence level of consumers gives us an important overall reference and hence remains important, we also measure various aspects of consumers' confidence levels. We refer to these as "sub-indices" in this report and among these we measure sentiments about the current timing for buying, selling and investing in property. Read the full report here.

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