Cape Town’s “exotic” lifestyle attracts remote workers around the world The Mother City is embracing an exciting new trend in international and domestic travel, driving demand for modern, lifestyle property developments in the city centre which offer an array of flexible facilities.

Earlier this year, the City of Cape Town launched its ‘Digital Nomad’ Initiative, an exciting new development that aims to attract remote workers from South Africa and abroad. It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has severely curtailed travel, yet such is the lure of sought-after global destinations that even amid the crisis, exciting new trends have emerged.

It is little surprise that Cape Town, with its breathtaking mountain ranges, idyllic ocean views and a world class array of outdoor activities like surfing, mountain climbing, wine tasting, kite surfing, and shark cage diving, was in January named among the “Best Cities for Remote Working” on travel website Big 7 Travel’s 50 Best Places for Remote Working in 2021.

The City of Cape Town’s municipal bosses and economic agencies have been quick to recognise the massive potential of remote working to tourism, and in the past few months have upped the ante to get the word out to both the international and domestic markets that the metro is open for business.

The intention of the City and Cape Town Tourism’s ‘Digital Nomad’ Initiative is to attract remote workers, but to bolster their efforts, they are also lobbying the South African government to introduce a ‘Remote Working Visa’. Read more.

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